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Kamal Bakhshi. ⁠

“We heard the sad news this morning, that Toko Shinoda has passed away. Much has been written about her, and at this moment, the only words that I can find are of deep gratitude, to her. For the gift she shared and the legacy she has left. Many lives, and mine included, have been greatly enhanced by the knowledge of her art.⁠

She will be greatly missed.⁠”

New York Times, March 3rd 2021

“Toko Shinoda, one of the foremost Japanese artists of the 20th century, whose work married the ancient serenity of calligraphy with the modernist urgency of Abstract Expressionism, died on Monday at a hospital in Tokyo. She was 107.”

The full article can be viewed by clicking here.

Toko Shinoda portrait - Tokyo Weekender

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